Facts about lipsticks that will astonish you ladies

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Lipstick is every women best friend. It is a part of a cosmetic which can also be viewed as a fashion accessory that helps you achieve the perfect look. Makeup without lipstick is incomplete as it gives definition to your lips and makes them look bright, beautiful and plumed. Apart from the hydration a lipstick gives to your lips it also helps in enhancing your beauty and uplifts your confidence. Nowadays there is wide variety of lip shades from bold, dramatic colors to nude shades which can be chosen according to one’s skin tone. But there are some interesting facts about lipstick that will astonish you. Here are some –

1. Lipsticks was here since ages

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Yes, lipsticks have been around since ages. History’s first ever beauty queen and Julius Caesar ex-wife – Cleopatra was a big fan of lipstick. She was so fond of lipsticks that she ordered her slaves to mash up some ants and beetles and turn them into beautiful lip smacking lipstick shade for her. Shocking, yes it is. But this technique of her worked her rosy lips looked stunning.

2. Mac Ruby Woo is a hit

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The highest number of lipstick sold in 2013 in America was MAC’s cherry red ruby woo at $16 a tube. It was a most fond color which made it a big hit and the bestselling lipstick of 2013.

3. Poor Roman Women improvised lipsticks

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Back then when some of the Roman women didn’t have enough money and they were not able to afford authentic lipstick they improvised lipsticks to look good. They applied their own brand of lipstick that was Red Wine. Some of the people still do it today as it’s the natural way to get color on your lips. This way is lot less poisonous as some brands still use lead in their lipsticks.

4. Lipstick too have expiry dates

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If you think lipsticks can be used lifelong then I am sorry you are wrong. Lipsticks too have expiry dates it’s usually best to use for 2-3 years only. It becomes rancid too. Storing them in the fridge can prolong their usage.

5. There is more to Lip gloss

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Clear lip balm or lip gloss is one of the most popular lip products in the modern market. Also the Egyptian population used lip gloss to protect their lips from heat and wind.

6. Men like women with colored lips

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This is according to the survey conducted by University of Manchester, men look at women with lipstick longer than women with bare lips. There were situations when a woman wore red lipstick, men stared an average of 7.3 seconds, when women wore pink lipstick, men gazed for an average of 6.7 seconds and only 2.2 seconds when a woman is with bare lips.

7. Lipsticks used to identity prostitutes

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In Ancient Greece, when lipstick fell out of fashion among high class ladies then it was used to identity prostitutes. In fact, it was a law that prostitutes couldn’t go out without wearing a lipstick.

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