Zombie Apocalypse is no more a Myth

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Thanks to Hollywood, we have really expanded our knowledge about a topic that is considered very significant in today’s generation- Zombies.

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Hollywood has altered our perception, with help from generation gap, where zombie apocalypse went from being horrific and dreadful to an opportunity for ground-breaking snapchat stories.

People have been so influenced by it that we have started building safety shelters, and stacking up emergency kits for this “event”. 

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However, it has come to light, that all this effort might not be in vain after all since it turns out that zombie apocalypse is actually possible. Yes! You read correctly.

A drug called the “Zombie drug” or “flakka” is responsible for turning people into zombies.

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We have heard all kinds of horror stories about drug accidents. It makes people kill themselves to commit crime, and there are some stories which we can never believe. 

“Flakka” is a new synthetic drug that hasn’t spread very far. But hearing about the mad rampages of people who have used it will make the worst drug stories you have ever heard docile. 

Flakka affects people in previously unknown ways. The things that people do while they are under its influence might seem like a hyped-up scare story. But there are videos on the internet that you can see for yourself just how dangerous the effects of zombie drug is. 

What is flakka made of?

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It is a synthetic drug made from Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a compound synthesized in the 1960s. It is known as second generation bath salts.

How powerful is it?

This drug stimulates the effect of cocaine and methamphetamine without the price tag. It is much powerful than coke and it could take up to several days to get off it, once you get high.

Why is flakka dangerous?

A small amount of this drug can spike your body temperature to up to 104 degreesFahrenheit, which can have dire consequences like kidney damage/failure, or even death. It elevates your blood pressure which can cause heart attack, stroke, aneurysm or heart failure. 

What are the brutal side effects?

In the beginning, you will feel euphoric, highly sociable, stimulated, focussed with an increased sex drive. But the high will wear off quickly which will prompt you to up your intake. The more you abuse the drug, the more negative effects you feel.

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Flakka users will experience what NIDA call “excited delirium”: a condition involving hallucinations, paranoia, hyper-stimulation and increased strength. Racing heart, panic attacks, plummeting sex drive, depression and suicidal tendencies are just a few of the withdrawal symptoms along with being violent and psychotic. The drug goes straight to your bloodstreams which could easily result in an overdose. 

Horrifying facts about flakka

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1. It makes people move like zombies. Their bodies jerk and contort in an unnerving way. It is like watching glitch in a video game. Flakka activates the fight-or-flight response in a person’s brain and makes them highly delusional.

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2. It has made people kill. Flakka rewrites the brain chemistry and makes people believe that someone is chasing them.

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3. It is 10 times stronger than cocaine, so much so, that taking more than 0.1 gram can cause an overdose. You have to pay $5 for flakka to have the same extent of effect as $80 cocaine.

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This is why it has largely affected college going students since its cheaper and easily available online.

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4. It can stop you from feeling pain. We feel pain for a purpose. When we get hurt, it’s our body telling us that there is something wrong. Intaking flakka can make you oblivious to bullet in your face, or cuts on your body. 

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5. It gives users super-strength. A man tried to break his way in the Fort Lauderdale police headquarters after taking flakka and being convinced that 25 cars were trying to run him over. He tried to smash the hurricane-proof glass with rocks and tear the door off his hinges and nearly succeeded. 

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6. It makes people suicidal. People on the drug can lose all sense of the value of human life. High on the drug, a woman gave her one-year-old child a meal of bacon cheddar chips and a bottle of sprite and abandoned him. She blacked out after that. She woke up the next morning in Dunkin Donuts parking lot.  

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7. It hasn’t completely gone away. The Daily News reported that it was believed the drug was already being sold in Wentworth, Chatsworth, and Pinetown.

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8. Flakka can be taken in a tablet form or snorted when in powder form.

There have been live video recordings of people biting their neighbors’ face off, hitting trucks, having heart failure and their heartbeat returning after some time or running naked on the road in their delusions and under the influence of this drug.

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