The History Of The Eyebrow Evolution

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Eyebrows do not just frame your unique face shape. According to Physiognomy or face reading, the eyebrows represent the mental outlook of a person and point of views. The mental outlook remains the same after plucking or drawing the eyebrows too.  

In fact, a person’s whole face can be analyzed just by looking at the face shape, eyes, nose bridge, mouth or jawline. This is the reason why everyone doesn’t look the same. Finding the best shape to flatter your face can be hard sometimes.  

Back in the 90s when thin was trending, pop stars like Christina Aguilera sported super tweezed eyebrows. Brows have become an intense topic. And not a day goes by when we don’t discuss marveling new trends for reshaping and enhancing one’s looks. There is a diversified history of eyebrows, from earliest civilizations till today. Learn everything you need to know about brow shaping and arches ahead:-

Eyebrow Trends: Across the World, Over the Years…

Early Middle Ages:

The important feature of this age was the forehead. Women plucked their hairlines and removed their eyebrows to draw attention towards their forehead.

Queen Elizabeth I’s strawberry blonde eyebrows inspired many women in her country to dye their hair and eyebrows to similar reddish blonde.

People looking for alternatives to shaping their brows daily have various options like eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow feathering or micro pigmentation, brow extensions that can be applied similarly to eyelash extensions and last about 3-5 weeks.

Eyebrow Tattooing:-

Eyebrow Tattooing
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Eyebrow trends are ever-evolving.

Also known as eyebrow embroidery, etching, feathering or micro blading, micro stroking, feather touch, and hair like strokes as an eyebrow trend, is a form of semi-permanent beauty technique that can last up to two years depending on the individual’s skin and how well it holds the pigment.  Unlike placing of pigments into the lower layers of the skin as in ‘normal’ tattooing, eyebrow tattooing uses a micro blade.

A fine blade consisting of a line of tiny needles is dipped in pigment. It is then gently stroked across the skin to ‘create’ fine hairs that resemble the person’s own eyebrows.   It can be used to fill in thin eyebrows, extend or thicken existing eyebrows or ‘create’ eyebrows lost through disease or over-plucking. The pigments that are used are made of natural plant-based, or synthetic.

Brow shaping with wax and tint.

Brow shaping with wax and tint
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Different techniques are used across the world for shaping eyebrows. From Eyebrow tint which is a form of semi-permanent hair dye formulated specifically for use on the eyebrows.

Eyebrow threading also is known as epilation which removes short hair in a row to brow tinting which. According to certain theories, the practice started in India over 6000 years ago and later spread throughout Asia.

The Arabic word for threading is ‘Khite’; in Egypt, it is also called ‘Fatlah’. It is a widely practiced form of brow shaping in India.


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Threading is widely practiced amongst Iranians. But it was originally only done when a woman was getting married or for special occasions. In ancient Iran, threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood.  

This eyebrow trend is also very popular in China and other East Asian countries, such as Korea. It was historically done on brides and married women.  

So, follow these popular eyebrow trends and get the look you want that instead of hair tweezing and plucking those extra hair follicles. Now, that won’t even take up your time and concentration in the morning.   It is everyone’s dream to wake up with eyebrows of Hollywood celebs like Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne, and the likes, isn’t it?!