These Strange Torture Tactics Would Take You By Surprise!

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Have you ever witnessed little children fighting verbally? Unless you’re sure it won’t prompt serious war, there’s no reason to find it adorable. Every once in a while, the fight reaches to a point where a show of hands is necessary. And when that happens, the worst form of torture they can think of is tickling the other person. It may seem amusing to us, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the kids mean serious business! Apparently, these very kids were an inspiration to a lot of people in the olden days.

The Tickle Torture

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Who would’ve thought that something that made people laugh could also be their worst nightmare? Practiced in Nazi concentration camps along with many other countries, the tickle torture included dipping the victim’s feet in sugar or salt. This is followed by allowing a goat to lick it off their feet. The victim may find it ticklish at first, but soon enough it turns into torture. Because even after the goat licks the salt/sugar off thoroughly, it doesn’t stop licking the feet. And this causes the skin to rip off.

The Brazen Bull

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For the medieval people, the term “roasting” was nothing new. The only issue being, they took this term quite seriously. A man named Perillos came up with the idea of using a bull for torture. What’s so bizarre about this? Apparently, he made a hollow bull out of brass with a door in it. Once the convict is placed inside the bull, a fire is lit below it. The brass would cause the person’s body to roast consequently leading to death. The makeshift bull would have tubes and pipes in it that would make the person’s scream sound like that of a bull. Also, it is said that this is the same device that killed Perillos!

Chinese Water Torture

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Sometimes water is the only thing that could quench your thirst. But did you know it could also make a person go mad? This method did not cause any physical torture, but psychologically, it drove people insane! The victims are restricted from moving their bodies and are placed directly under a spout of water. The only thing they can see is the drops of water falling on their forehead. Denied of food and water, this rhythmic water spout starts taking a toll on them after a while. Victims have expressed that they felt like the drops are boring a hole in their forehead. To say that this is maddening would be an understatement.

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The Breast Ripper

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The name itself says it all. Women who were accused of committing adultery or any other form of misconduct faced the wrath of this device. It was also used on females who were supposedly witches. After being heated, the claws of this device are placed on the breasts of women, slowly ripping them off. Imagine the horror they must have endured of watching their breasts being pulled out of their chests. Cringeworthy?

Judas Cradle

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In this method, the victim is stripped naked and tied with ropes. He is seated on a pyramid shaped seat and it is made sure that the tip is inserted into an orifice. Due to the victim slowly being lowered onto the “seat”, the orifice is stretched which leads to permanent damage to the muscle tissues. The victims would eventually die because of the pressure and impalement.

Sewn Onto A Donkey

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No one could crack the mystery behind the origin of this torture method. What was the person even thinking when such an awful idea struck him? Practiced in ancient Rome, this tactic would surely make criminals think twice before committing a crime. A murdered donkey is sliced open, and a naked victim is sewn onto it. Only his head is left outside to prevent suffocation. The victim enclosed in the donkey’s body is left open under the sun. This would cause decomposition of the body which is an open invitation to maggots. Vultures too, feast themselves on the flesh of the donkey along with the victim eventually bringing death to the accused.


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We’ve all been intimidated by those thrilling movies in which people would randomly get lost in the middle of the sea. But have you wondered what it would be like if someone deliberately did it to torture you? Scaphism is a torture tactic that is something along the same lines. The victim’s naked body is splotched with honey and milk, and they are also fed the same. After tying him to a boat, he is left alone in the stagnant water with no escape. The insects in the water would eat the victim’s body eventually, and his wastes would be like the cherry on the cake for them. Some insects would breed on the victim’s wounds making it even more torturous for them. This tactic is more than enough to shatter the illusion of romantic boat rides!

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