Rosemary Kennedy’s Tragedy Is Something The World Should Know About…

rosemary kennedy's tragedy

Rosemary Kennedy was the eldest daughter of Joseph Kennedy, Sr, and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

However, the world might recognize her better as former American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s sister.

While her beauty had the potential to be the talk of the town, it was Rosemary Kennedy’s heart-wrenching tragedy that grabbed attention all over the world.

Rosemary Kennedy’s Tragedy Shows Human Plight At Its Absolute Worst!

Rosemary Kennedy’s life was a terrible tragedy since her birth.

Firstly, she did not receive sufficient amount of oxygen to her brain. This resulted in incomplete mental progress according to age. Rosemary failed to advance ahead from kindergarten twice!

Binet Intelligence Test was administered to her by the Massachusetts state law. Rosemary Kennedy was given private education by two nuns, who spent their entire day with her in the classroom.

Even at the age of 15, her education skills were reported to be fourth-grade level. She had an IQ between 60 and 70.

Rosemary’s father, Joseph Kennedy, Sr, decided to make her go through Lobotomy, where a patient’s brain is incised through the skull, and certain brain tissues that are believed to be causing “mental problems” are removed.

However, Rosemary’s life was doomed from the beginning. The Lobotomy procedure failed terribly, leaving Rosemary permanently mentally incapacitated.

And, her IQ dropped down to that of a 2-year old. Nor could Rosemary walk properly, and neither could she speak clearly for the rest of her life!

The Aftermath: Rosemary Kennedy’s Tragedy Has Yet To Take A Turn For The Worse…

In 1949, Rosemary Kennedy was sent to St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children. There, she was kept in a private house near St. Coletta’s main campus.

For the most part of her remaining life, his family and relatives maintained distance from her. While she did not see her mother for the next 20 years, her father never saw her till his last breath.

It wasn’t until after John F. Kennedy was elected as the President of the United States of America that Rosemary’s public disappearance was explained clearly.

Rosemary Kennedy’s tragedy wasn’t just the fact that she was mentally ill.

It was also that her illness became a sham for herself. Despite having a big family and such a reputed surname in The States, her identity disappeared amidst the loud voices of Kennedy fame and success.

Today the world needs to know about Rosemary Kennedy’s tragedy. Not because what could be a well-known personality, was obscured by a stigma of mental illness.

But because, a person, who could have had the potential to lead a happy life, was deprived of even leading a healthy one.