Here Is An Interesting Bit About The History Of Rava Idly That You (Probably) Never Knew!

rava idly

History of Rava Idly

The South of India is known for a variety of delicious dishes that it has to offer to the rest of the country. Tiffin items are very famous in the southern part of India. A mere plain dosa or a ghee roast with a great coconut chutney or sambar is enough to make anyone’s mouth water at any point of the day!

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Out of all the items that are famous in the south of India, we have the ‘Rava Idly’, that is known for its simplicity, yet mind-blowing taste! Am I exaggerating a little too much? Of course not! The long line that stands outside the very famous Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) restaurant in Bangalore will tell you how people of all ages go head over heels for this delicacy.

Rava Idly is a kith and kin in the idly family. It is different from the normal idly in ways of the ingredients that are used to make it.

While the simple idly is made out of rice batter, the Rava idly is made out of semolina instead of rice.

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The reason for the invention of this delicacy was not due to wants, but due to emergency needs of the people back in the times of WWII. During the Second World War, India faced a shortage of rice supply. This hindered in the making of normal idly, where the batter is made out of rice. MTR food chain then came up with the idea of substituting rice with semolina and thus was formed, Rava Idly.

MTR’s invention was welcomed with open arms and the demand for this South Indian Tiffin item went soaring high. Rava Idly is known for its simplicity and minimal complexity for cooking, its nutrition, and for its better taste.

Idly has also been officially termed as the ‘Healthiest Food Item‘ of India and has got a stamp released to mark its popularity.

So readers! Go give this delicacy a taste in one of your South Indian friend’s house! And fellow friends from the South of India, share your stories of Idly and other yummy and healthy food recipes in the comment section below!

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