8 Rare Diseases that can Transform you into a Superhuman!

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Diseases are often given a bad name, but if these diseases can turn you into a superhuman, would they be considered bad thereof?

Here are a few rare diseases that can literally transform you into a superhuman, but is that all? These diseases don’t seem like something that may bug you, but at the end of the day, they are ‘diseases’ which means that they clearly have a downside to them.

Let’s check out 8 of these rare superhuman diseases:

1. Savant Syndrome

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In Savant syndrome, the person is capable of displaying expert skills and knowledge in specific fields of math, art or music. It is believed that only a handful of people in this world suffer from this rare disease.

Like all the good things, this disease also comes at a price. It is seen that 50% of the people suffering from savant syndrome are autistic. And the other half suffers from different central and nervous system disorders.

Also, 10% of autistic people suffer from Savant syndrome.

2. Congenital Analgesia

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The person with this disease loses the ability to feel any pain. This sounds like a real superhuman quality, as everyone desires to be resilient towards pain.

Now, the children hurt themselves more than once in a day, and if there is some serious injury like breakage of bones, the child suffering from Congenial Analgesia won’t be able to tell as he/she won’t feel any pain. Hence, it can damage their body.  Hence, not being able to detect pain can be really harmful to one’s body.

3. Hyperthymesia

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People suffering from hyperthymesia, tend to remember every minute detail of their lives. It is also known as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). Only 60 people in this world are known to have this disease.

But again, Hyperthymesia can be very problematic. The people suffering from this disease can never alter their memory or forget it, so they have to remember every single thing no matter how bad or good it is. Imagine how hard it would be for a person with a traumatic past to suffer from this disease. They never really get over it and have to endure the pain for the rest of their lives.

Also, these people suffer from regular headaches and insomnia.

4. Urbach-Wiethe Disease

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In this disease the person becomes fearless. This disease has been found in 300 people till now.

The most well-known person to suffer from this disease is an American woman, given the name SM. She was made to watch many horror movies, taken to a haunted house and she kept asking to touch poisonous snakes and spiders shown to her.

Displaying courage and being fearless is good but, sometimes the same quality leads to you making the wrong decisions. Fear makes you choose your decisions wisely and stops you from making bad decisions. A person without any fear is more like to kill and harm others,  as compared to a person who fears.

5. Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy

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In this disease, the person gains super strength. There are very few cases known related to this disease.

This disease has not shown any significant detrimental side effects yet. Do you think that super strength can be a curse somehow?

6. Stone Man Syndrome

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In this disease, a person’s body can heal instantly. This disease is also called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive. One in two million people is likely to suffer from this disease.

This disease can be really harmful because tissues aren’t produced and the muscles turn to bones and joints fuse together.

This condition turns people into living statues as their body hardens because of so much bone production.

7. The Vampire Disorder

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It is also called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. People with this disease have pointed teeth like vampires and pale skin with dark circles around their eyes. Also, these people have an intolerance to heat and are irritable in warm weathers.

8. Synesthesia

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It is a neurological condition in which a person’s sense of stimulation is ‘crossed’. Stimulation of one sensory automatically leads to involuntary experience in another sensory. About 5% of the population has this disease.

People with this disorder are known to create art. Few famous people suffering from this disease are Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga. Some people can mix sounds with taste, while some can mix shapes with flavors.

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