The Mandela Effect: Nelson Mandela’s ‘Death’ In 1980s Gave Rise To A New Phenomenon!

mandela effect

The Mandela Effect

Nelson Mandela was a South African activist and former president. He helped to bring an end to apartheid and has been a global advocate for human rights.

And world suffered a great loss when he passed away. He died on December 5, 2013, from a recurring lung infection.

But, there is also something strange about it. Many people, seem to believe that Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his actual death on during 2013!

Thousands of people claimed that they remember mourning over Mandela’s death in the 80s. There are claims by many that they had also viewed Mandela’s funeral on Television!

Yes, there are claims that they saw news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Now, the world was divided. And confused. Writer and paranormal consultant Fiona Broome put forth a theory called ‘The Mandela Effect.’ According to her, such ‘false memories’ are nothing but glimpses into the parallel worlds.  She said that people told her about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.

Some scientists call this phenomenon ‘cognitive dissonance’, which is defined as mental stress experienced by individuals who hold their own beliefs, ideas, and values and have confronted beliefs, ideas, and values that contradict their own.

The theories are unending, and answers- none. Whatever the reason for The Mandela Effect, it will make people rethink their own realities and one is sure to get excited enough to dig even deeper into the mystery to form his/her theory. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Check out this awesome video by Cayleigh Elise:

And if your curiosity still not quenched, then check out this website by Fiona Broome. It will surely get you all pumped up!

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