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These Simple Remedies Will Help You To Cure Hangover!

How to Cure Hangover   Many of us must be having hangovers, which happens because of overdoing alcohol. It’s common,…

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Include These Fitness Foods In Your Diet If You Are A Fitness Freak!

Fitness foods Everyone is behind getting fit these days. Every day while dealing with patients, I hear a lot about…

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Should Women Exercise During A Menstrual Cycle? Here’s The Answer!

‘You should take rest during the first 2 days of your menstrual cycle.’ ‘Don’t exert yourself with workouts during your…

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These 5 Signs That Your Body Needs A Cleanse Should Never Be Ignored At Any Cost!

Signs That Your Body Needs A Cleanse Immediately Your body knows what’s good and what’s bad for it. Your body…

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These 5 Home-Made Juices Will Help To You Lose Weight!

Homemade juices to lose weight: There are many such Food Fads saying juices will help you lose weight. In fact,…

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This Six Pack Abs Diet Is Your Stepping Stone To A Fitter And Healthier Body!

Well, six pack abs are not restricted to only actors! Yes, I am talking about those six pack abs! Not…

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Need Those Toned Abs? Try Out These Exercises!

Workout for abs As promised, we are back with some great workout moves for your six pack abs! So, let us…

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Down With Flu? Get Your Dose of Homemade Cough Syrup!

Home Made Cough Syrups The season is very weird these days! The first thing which gets affected is the immune…

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Natural Medicine For All Your Ailments- Jaggery !

Benefits of Jaggery In India, it is a tradition to include jaggery in different food items. It is also a…

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Home Made Protein Snacks – All That You Need!

Healthy protein snacks! “I need those muscles on my body; I want to look a bit pumped up!” said one…

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