Know about the Different Side of the City Haunted Places in Mumbai


Haunted Places In Mumbai

So, everybody knows Mumbai as the city which never sleeps!

Not many people, however, know about the haunted places in Mumbai that can scare the shit out of you!

There are haunted places in Mumbai where the song, “Gumnam hai koi……” suits perfectly! Have a look, if you have the courage to visit these haunted places in Mumbai…. all the best!

Dead architect’s ghost of Hotel Taj, Gateway of India!

  • It is the most beautiful places and the most commonly visited tourist attraction.
  • However, if we believe in the stories about The Taj, it is haunted by the spirit of the English architect, W. A Chambers, who supposedly committed suicide during the construction of this building.
  • As per the rumors or the stories which are seen or read, the English architect wanted to construct the building of this hotel opposite to the direction in which it stands today, where it is Gateway of India currently.
  • However, things did not work as well as he wanted and in his fanaticism for perfection, he committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of the main building of The Taj.
  • Many people, including the employees and guests, have reported sightings of Chamber’s ghost in the act of taking rounds in the long corridors and making sure that everything is in order.
  • Seems the architect was way too much in love with the Taj Mahal Hotel!
  • He is a peaceful soul, doesn’t harm anybody. Nothing reported so far!

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Bride’s ghost on Mumbai- Marve/Madh Island Road.

  • I am sure not everyone is going to believe this, but the ghost is underestimated until experienced!
  • The road that leads Marve and Madh Islands to Mumbai has something weird. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Mumbai today.
  • Travelers who travel past this route often complain that they have sighted a Ghost. The ghost is of a woman draped in bridal wear coming in front of the car. Some travelers say that the ghost had also tried to stop them from taking the lift. People who don’t stop survive, and ones who stop, die. This is what is reported so far.
  • The horror story goes that a young bride was murdered here on the night of her marriage. She was buried in the bushes bordering this road. Therefore, she is supposed to haunt every vehicle that passes by and even chases them many times scaring the shit out of people!

Murdered owner’s spirit in Mahim!

  • Certainly, this spirit is seen in one of the most famous places, Nasserwanj Wadi, which is in Mahim.
  • It is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of the dead owner who was burnt to death.
  • Past midnight, people feel scared to pass this place and complain of him tormenting them to quite a great extent.
  • It is said that around 7 people have already lost their lives after being supposedly tortured by the ghost.
  • Now, people have stopped coming out of their houses after 12 am.

The ghost who slaps in Thane!

  • Obviously, this might sound funny but at the same time, it’s spooky as well!
  • There is a ghost who slaps every person who passes by in Vrindavan society which is right behind Thane creek.
  • The complaint comes from the security guards that whenever they doze off during duty something weird happens. They say someone slaps them making it impossible for them to sleep.

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Grand Paradi towers- jinxed!

  • There are a lot of haunted stories related to the Grand Paradi Towers. It is currently located at Malabar Hills in Mumbai.
  • These towers have been jinxed due to the number of suicides committed here. These suicides have occurred owing to the so-called paranormal status of the building. (Too many suicides aren’t normal though)
  • The very first reported incident was that of a couple jumping from their flat. Who followed by other family members the next year.
  • Despite all the holy pujas, this building remains jinxed and a possible site of paranormal activities. It stops us from buying a house there! Isn’t it?

Spirit at the high court, Mumbai!

  • Obviously, if you believe the rumors, unless you experience it you have no choice apart from believing or not believing a rumor!
  • A courtroom of the Bombay High Court is haunted by a ghost who keeps cursing and causing terror during any murder trial.
  • Wonder, if this ghost is obsessed with justice or what? Strange things! Or strange rumors!

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