A Giant Telectroscope Links London and New York.


Have you ever, as a child, wondered what would it be like to dig a tunnel at a beach to the other part of the world?

If you have, then head to either Great Britain’s capital city or Brooklyn to experience the dream turning into a reality!

The giant Telectroscope linking two cities in the world makes it possible to see people on the other side of the ocean closely than ever before!

This Telectroscope that links London and New York is the brainchild of Alexander Stanhope St George.

(Image credit: Artichoke)

In terms of measurement, the Telectroscope 11.2 meters tall. Even though it was Alexander who first had the vision of the Victorian style webcam, it was his great grandson Paul St. George, a British artist who brought the vision to life.

However, The Transatlantic Tunnel is not actually a tunnel!

It is a transatlantic broadband connection, handled by Tiscali, an Italian internet provider.

St Paul George joined hands with Artichoke, a British art group, to combine a Victorian dream with contemporary technology.

And This Telectroscope Is Simply One Of The Best Things To Happen To Mankind In The 21st Century!

(Image credit: Gadget World)

Lots of British people could get a glimpse of a different life across the ocean, and it was probably one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to them.

And the Americans will surely second that statement. People could catch a sight of their friends and family living on the other side of the world, make new friends, propose their lovers and even flirt with each other!

One woman, working in London, could see her two-year-old daughter living in New York on her birthday.

And since verbal communication wasn’t possible through the Telectroscope, she used fancy placards to do that!

Science and Technology have surely made it possible for humans to face time or video chat with each other through their smartphones.

However, the joy of going to a huge telescope like equipment and having a super close look at your kith and kin is just an unrivaled experience. Isn’t it?