Include These Fitness Foods In Your Diet If You Are A Fitness Freak!

fitness foods

Fitness foods

Everyone is behind getting fit these days.

Every day while dealing with patients, I hear a lot about protein and protein supplements.

While the world is focusing on proteins and losing fat, they are forgetting that fats and carbs are important too!

Good fats and good carbs of course!

These are few fitness foods which must be added to your diet if you are into fat loss or body building!

Have a look at the following list of fitness foods if you are a fitness freak!

1. Flax-seeds

– Required for body building and fat loss.
– Excellent source of fiber, omega 3 and protein.
How to include in your diet: –
– 1 tbsp of flax-seeds with low-fat curd 30 minutes before bed.

2. Sweet potato

– Sweet potato has lower carbohydrates than potatoes.
– 1 medium sweet potato= 23 g of carbohydrates.
– Excellent source of vitamin c, vitamin A, and vitamin B6 and it also contains potassium, riboflavin and folic acid in abundance.
– It helps in replenishing your protein sources and it aids in the muscle building process.
How to include in your diet: –
– 1 medium sweet potato as a post workout snack will help

3. Eggs

– Cheapest source of protein,
– Don’t worry about your cholesterol levels! Egg contains dietary cholesterol which will not affect your blood cholesterol levels.
How to include in your diet: –
– 3 whole eggs in any form as post workout snack will help.

4. Fish Oil

– Excellent source of omega 3
– It helps in reducing inflammation of the joints and skin but it helps in fat loss and increasing testosterone levels as well.
– If you cannot have fish, feel free to include fish oil supplements in your diet.

5. Yogurt

– Rich in probiotics.
– Helps in maintaining gastrointestinal health.
– Avoid frozen yogurts, they contain added sugars and preservatives.
How to include it in your diet: –
– plain yogurt + seasonal fruits + 1 tsp of flax-seeds once a day will help.

6. Chicken Breast

– 100 gms of chicken breast= 30 gms of proteins
– Can be included in daily meals (and it is super easy to use)

7. Nuts

– If you are having issues gaining muscles and loosing fat
– Nuts are a blend of proteins, fibers, and fats.
– It doesn’t increase the fat content in any form!

How to include it in your diet: –
– A handful of nuts can be your perfect mid-meal snack!

(8) Broccoli

– A perfect blend of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.
– Having it in the raw form has more benefits then its cooked form
How to include it in your diet: –
– The combination of raw veggies with more of broccoli becomes a perfect post workout snack!

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