Do you Know Difference Between Yogurt And Curd!

difference between yogurt and curd

Difference Between Yogurt And Curd

I know many people have this notion that curd and yogurt are the same!

Well, even I had the same notion, until I came into the field of nutrition. These two products might look similar or even taste similar, but they are completely different.

Both these products are good for digestion. However, nor are they same, neither do they share the same recipe. Overall, there is a great difference between yogurt and curd.

This is what differentiates curd from yogurt:

What is Curd?

  • The curd is a dairy product which is basically processed by curdling milk with rennet or any acidic substance like vinegar or lemon. These products are commonly used to drain off the liquid and allow it to sit.
  • The lactic acid bacteria which is produced during the process multiplies on a normal temperature. This entire procedure takes 5-6 hours depending upon the climate. Sometimes the process is faster if the temperature variation is present.
  • The home-made curd isn’t a standardized product because the preparation differs from one home to another.

What is Rennet?

  • Rennet is a complex enzyme which is produced in the stomach of mammals. Chymosin is the key component that curdles casein in milk.

This was about curd! And this is a well-known process that takes place in every Indian household.

Then what is yogurt?

  • Yogurt is also a dairy product which is prepared by bacterial fermentation of milk.
  • The difference between yogurt and curd is that bacterial cultures are used in yogurt and not in the curd.
  • Yogurt cultures, with 2 specific strains – Lactobacillus bulgaris and Streptococcus thermophiles are used for preparing yogurt.
  • These bacteria cause fermentation of lactose and as a result, it produces lactic acid.
  • Sometimes, other strains are also added. It depends on different companies and their geographical location.
  • Yogurt is a standardized and homogeneous product because similar strains are being used.
  • Because this is a standardized product, quality and quantity of the yogurt are always maintained.
  • If a product is called as a pro-biotic, it should contain a specific strain of live bacteria which can tolerate gastric acid and juices.

Despite the difference between yogurt and curd, both these products are excellent sources to have good digestive health!

Alternate use of these will be of great benefit!

What do you think?


Written by Dt.Trishala Chopra

Trishala Chopra believes a lot in fitness not because she is a lifestyle coach but because she has personally got into a fitness regime. The ridicule and criticisms were the tipping point for her to change herself. By qualification she is a graduate in Life Science and a post-graduate in Nutraceuticals and both these degrees has helped her gain extra knowledge about all fields in the Health Care industry. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies. she has taken her diploma in therapeutic nutrition and community nutrition. she is a certified CPR specialist from kokilaben dhirubhai ambani hospital. And that's not all, she is a certified diabetes educator too! she is also certified in sports nutriton from American college of sports medicine. She has additional skills in the areas of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Her fitness mantra is practice what you preach. She believes that for a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to have a healthy body and mind. This according to her can be attained through balanced nutrition and proper exercise and some life hacks to deal with!

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