Who Was The Blind Mystic Woman Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga – ‘Nostradamus Of The Balkans’!

Prediction, a forecast or a statement about the future which is made by a person based on some facts or evidence but not always. Different predictors use different ways that help them to forecast. As a meteorologist takes help of maps and scientific data to forecast the possibility of snow, rain or any weather condition. A fortune teller uses the crystal ball to predict. In short, with these predictions, we can get an idea about good or the bad future.

One such predictor was Baba Vanga.

Who Was Baba Vanga?

baba vanga
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Grandmother Vanga was born as Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova and after marriage she became Vangelia Gushterova. She was a blind Bulgarian fortune teller, mystic, and herbalist who lived the most of her life in Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria. She died in 1996 at the age of 85 years, though her predictions for the centuries are proving right.

Baba Vanga’s True Predictions

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” these were the words of Baba Vanga when she predicted the attack of 9/11 on America’s twin towers.
baba vanga true predictions
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This is her not only prediction which proved true. There are so many forecasts made by her that took place.
 # Predicted the attack of 9/11
# Predicted 2004 Tsunami
# Predicted 44th President of the US would be black.

# Predicted Brexit

# Predicted the rise of ISIS
# Predicted the sinking of Kursk, the Russian submarine
# Predicted the assassination of former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi.

Baba Vanga’s Other Predictions

baba vanga's other predictions
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# Predicted Muslims would invade Europe
# Predicted Humans Will Travel To Venus
# Predicted the death of the earth by 3797
#Predicted the melting of polar ice caps from 2033 to 2045
# Predicted the cloning would cure most diseases
# Predicted the attack of Mars on the Earth
# Predicted the ending of universe by 5079

Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2018

baba vanga's predictions 2018
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 # Predicted China would rise as the world’s next superpower.
# Predicted a new form of energy would be discovered on the planet, Venus.

Baba Vanga’s predictions that went wrong

baba vanga's predictions went wrong
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 # Predicted 1994 football world cup finale would be played between two teams beginning with B.

 # Predicted the invasion of Europe by Muslim Extremists.

 Hence, Baba Vanga is rightly called the Nostradamus Of The Balkans.


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