Bankrupt Twice, This Start Up Now Serves 100 Customers Per Day!

When the usual shenanigans of engineering life began to unveil its true colors, this mechanical engineer, along with his teammates fought against all odds to build this company worth crores. Surviving a major business dispute in 2014, and going bankrupt twice, this company rose like a Phoenix from its own ashes!

Mechanical engineer, Nemesh Singh along with Khushal Patel, Puneet Pathak, Sarang Verma and Rajesh started this online platform called as Appointy. In a wider context, Appointy is software that schedules online appointments for SMB’s. The bankruptcy and other obstacles didn’t discourage the co-founders at all because they were probably busy choosing wall paint colors for their new 3,000 square feet office. The founders turned out to be enormously tough in the thunderstorm, and so did the office.

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The flashback

Initially bootstrapped from Bhopal, Appointy is now serving in 110 countries and has satisfied 100K+ clients worldwide. To catch you all by surprise, let me mention the fact that amongst the huge number of clients that Appointy has successfully served, only 1% customers belong to India. At first Nemesh and his friends used to design websites as freelancers. Their first paycheck was INR 19,000 from a US client, and no doubt, they have come a long way from 2001 to present.

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Why not India?

The reason for customers from India being in such a small fraction was that the people here do not understand market strategies as well as they do in the US. Indian clients were mostly found unwilling to pay. 7-8 projects of Nemesh never got featured, which made him comprehend that this is not the market he has been looking for. This made him drift away from building websites; instead, he chose to build products. The first product he designed along with is the team is known as the Extreme Call Manager. He tried pitching it to various Indian companies but it turned out to be of no use. Finally, the Extreme Call Manager was sold to a US client in 19K.

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You don’t have to be in the US for working there!

This incident made them sure of shifting their focus on outsourcing. They started working for US clients more often and found that they have an excellent documentation procedure and perspective towards work. One of their clients also paid them the full amount in advance! They concluded that you do not need to be in the US to work for US clients. Their hard work finally paid off and they started receiving many technical projects.

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Grow your business exponentially, literally!

Many of these clients who owned salon, spa, also requested for a scheduling page. This was the time when Nemesh and his team started building scheduling plugin and bundling appointments for their clients which were easily customizable. Also, Appointy became the first company to develop a plugin which enabled the Facebook ‘like’ button on the website.

It was 2007 when Appointy was born in the era of start-ups. The basic motto of starting Appointy was to never earn money, or to run a business, rather, it was to support small businesses grow exponentially by scheduling appointments online. Through this software, they can also accept pre-payments; update social media, set reminders and create discount coupons.

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Plugin as a savior!

For four years, the product was free and has reached around 19K downloads. The only revenue they generated was from the outsourced projects. It was their first bankruptcy when their major client in Poland had to shut down for some unavoidable reasons. Nemesh then understood that it was best to focus on Appointy and help the small and medium size businesses grow. Then, they started charging for their product with a pro plan that cost $10 per month.

The major recognitions that Appointy got were that it was listed as one of the top 50 emerging companies by NASSCOM. Also, it was selected for 2014 summer batch of Microsoft Accelerator Programme. This helped the team to gain confidence which resulted in Appointy signing 100 customers per day!


The current stats will leave you awestruck

Resurging back from hard times, Appointy is now spread worldwide. By the time you complete reading this sentence; Appointy may have booked another appointment. At an average 20,000 appointments are booked daily and around 70-100 businesses get registered with Appointy. In the last one year, Appointy has tripled its workforce and is planning to build a bigger office soon. The company is now Singapore-based and handles its tech from India. What started as an optional project, is now among the world’s largest scheduling companies!

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