29 Famous Dishes From 29 States Of India

India is a country where we find different religions, castes and that’s why there is some or the other peculiarities we find it different parts or in different states.

From food to music to art to attire, each state proffers these things which are unique and refreshing for all.

Moreover, Indian food is known for its finger licking taste.

So, here are we presenting you the tastiest dishes of the country with great heritage and flamboyant culture.

Here is a list of 20 Famous Indian Dishes to relish upon-

1. Kashmir  – Tabak Maaz

famous indian dishes

2. Punjab – Makki ki roti, Sarson ka Saag.

3. Haryana – Kadi Pakoda

4. Rajastan – Kher-sangri.

5. Himachal pradesh – Sidu.

6. Uttarakhand – Kappa.

7. Uttar Pradesh – Shami Keba

8. Madhya Pradesh – Bhutte (corn) Kheer.

9. Chattisgarh – Red Ant Chutney.

10. Gujarat – Rice panki.

11. Maharashtra – Thalipeeth.

12. Goa – Bibinca.

13. Karnataka – Chiroti.

14. Kerela – Aviyal.

15. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – Kodi Kura.

16. Tamil Nadu – Kadungu Yerra.

17. Bihar – Khubi Ka Lai.

18. Jharkhand – Marua (Raagi Flour) Roti.

famous indian dishes
Via- topyaps

19. Sikkim – Phagshapa.

20. Arunanchal Pradesh – Apong

21. Assam – Masor Tenga.

22. Nagaland – Momos.

23. Manipur – Yongchak Iromba.

24. Meghalaya – Tungtap (fish chutney) & Jadoh (Flavoured Rice).

25. Tripura – Berma.

26. Mizoram – Zu Tea.

27. West Bengal – Bhapa Ilish.

28. Odisha – Chena Poda (Cheese Cake from Odisha).

29. Delhi – Makhani Chicken.

Indian food is something you cannot even think of escaping from. Moreover, a little pinch of spice has never been harmful to anyone.  Did you eat any of these? Comment below your views below.


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