A moving Love story : The moving statue

  The story of moving statue Love is like a violin’s bow, which draws one voice out of two separate…

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5 Fascinating Mythical Creatures from North-East India

The North Eastern part of India is shrouded with mystery according to people of mainland India. It’s understandable for them…

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History of the City that Never Sleeps: Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, the city which is home to people of all races and religions. People from…

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The Story of the most beautiful Mughal Empress: Nur Jahan

  There have been many great love stories in the history of India which have left a significant remark on…

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Chernobyl Way of Life: Uses of Vodka You Did Not Know About!

Something happened on  25-26 April 1986, in a small town called Pripyat, 104km from Kiev- the capital of the Ukrainian…

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Louis Braille: The Great Vision Of A Blind Man

Louis Braille is known for inventing the Braille System, the writing system used by visually impaired people to write and…

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Unakoti- The land Of 10 Million Gods And One Curse!

    Introduction     Tripura is the 3rd smallest state in India. It has some best-kept secrets of its…

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Shiso Kanakuri – The Man Who Took 54 Years To Complete A Marathon?

What could be the longest time, according to you, that a marathon runner could take in order to complete a…

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How did Blacks end up as the architects of the word “Cool”?

The African American struggle for cultural and racial equality to date remains one of the most galvanizing and sensitive battles…

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7 Baffling Unsolved Murder Mysteries that will Question your Mortality

Murder in itself is a gruesome sin.  Reading about one makes us question our own mortality, what’s even more horrible…

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